I work from The Vinings Natural Health Clinic, Clover Court, Church Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3UF all paid appointments are £55.

I am also currently offering  a small number of free appointments (marked as subsidised appointments) for patients who are unable to pay for treatment right now and are on an NHS waiting list for MSK treatment.

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At your first appointment (45 mins) I will take a full case history from you where you will be able to talk to me about your symptoms and what you feel has led to them as well as your medical history. I will assess your symptoms and movements and then if appropriate get onto treatment which consists of soft tissue techniques as well as moving your joints gently.

During your appointment you can also expect to receive advice on pain relief when necessary as well as tips about daily habits and also exercises.

As an Allied Health Professional you can also ask me anything about your health during the course of your case history and I will be able to guide you towards the best resource for you.

My aim with all my patients is to get you symptom free long term. For new injuries often my patients will only need one initial appointment and a follow up appointment, this is also often the case with my child patients.

For longer term pain (if you have been suffering for months, years or even decades) after a course of usually around 4-6 treatments my aim is for you to only need to pop in to see me a couple of times a year for a tune-up and to let me know how brilliantly pain free you have been! You getting 100% better asap is what my business has been based on over the last 11 years.

Some of my elderly patients including those with osteoarthritis, and my patients with particular underlying illness for example MS, structural scoliosis, history of major MSK injury or surgery, like to come in monthly or quarterly to see me.

Treatment with me is a team effort, I promise to listen and understand and give you the very best advice and tailored treatment. I hope my patients to do try their best to follow my advice and do their exercises, but yes I know it is not always easy to stop wearing those flip-flops in the summer months…

If you have any questions at all about treatment with me please email me at

Looking forward to seeing you soon

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