Hello! Thank you for coming onto my site – you are probably in pain so I will make it short…

I am a qualified, prize winning Registered Osteopath with 11 years post graduate experience working in a busy clinic in Central Sussex. I treat all ages of patients and every single musculoskeletal presentation you can think of; from plantar fasciitis, tennis/golfers elbow (I take all credit for a reduction in golfing handicap), pregnancy low back, SIJ and hip pain (one of my favourites), acute and chronic low back pain (of course), shoulder pain, knee pain and O/A, tension headaches etc. it was also my pleasure to recently successfully treat a lung transplant patient pre-op.

Happy reading, and well done for starting your journey towards becoming pain free. I mean it, even if you are just researching things at the moment, you have started and that is the biggest step.

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